STEM Day at the Iowa State Fair on August 21st

Ignite a passion for learning! Come out and celebrate STEM at the Iowa State Fair. For the price of last-day admission, meet STEM professionals, participate in hands-on activities and learn what Iowa STEM can do for you!

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Or contact Dr. Sarah Derry, SC STEM Hub Manager
Call: 515-271-2403 or Email:


Register today for the Agribusiness Showcase and Conference

The Agribusiness Showcase & Conference on Feb 9 – 10 at the Varied Industries Building at the Iowa State Fair has always been about giving our attendees the opportunity to explore the innovative tools they need to stay up to date with our industry. The industry’s innovation and technology will be showcased through featured speakers, presentations, and exhibitors.

Workshops and the showcase floor exhibits will pertain to everyone in the agricultural industry. Each year the Showcase & Conference attracts over twelve hundred of attendees ready to see what’s new in 2016 or sit in on one of our many educational sessions.

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