International Traders of Iowa Presents: Global Markets Event Feb 16

Global Markets Event: February 16th, 2016 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

DMACC Southridge Campus

Presented by Brett Plitt Bruen, President, Global Situation Room, Inc., Alexandria, VA

Complete Bio:

Presenting a full day of expert insight on global markets offered in three sessions:

  • Effective Initial Exploration of International Markets
  • Global Strategic Communications & Marketing
  • Risk and Counter Crisis Management (CCM)


Registration online at (registration is limited and closes February 12, 2016). Details for all sessions below:

  • (8:30-11:30) Effective Initial Exploration of International Markets

Acquire the skills to explore global opportunities like a veteran diplomat. From strategies on researching foreign markets to building a business abroad, this half-day session provides an overview for companies considering international expansion. Whether you are looking to export or searching for reliable suppliers, this training will equip you with the insights, tactics, and strategic plans to navigate the global marketplace.

  • (12:30-2:00) Global Strategic Communications & Marketing

Is your message getting lost in translation? Communicating across borders, cultures, and languages is complicated. Learn how to effectively market your company overseas from someone who coordinated America’s global messaging efforts. Entering a new market often doesn’t require expensive advertising or marketing campaigns. Indeed, one of the key aspects of the course is learning how to build strong local partnerships and ambassadors. This session provides participants with the latest global engagement strategies being employed by the White House and US diplomats.

  • (2:30-4:00) Risk and Counter Crisis Management (CCM)

There is a new type of crisis response.  Counter crisis management (CCM) theory was developed by Brett Bruen, while serving at the National Security Council. Facing two civil wars in Africa, a new conflict in Ukraine, and the emergence of ISIS, he began to develop a new strategy for the U.S. Government to use when planning for global problems. Drawing on this work, CCM enables companies and organizations to identify their vulnerabilities early and develop reputational countermeasures that can be immediately deployed in the event of an incident. This session will show participants how to go beyond crisis plans and procedures into the creation of programs that will change the course of crises.

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