Iowa: Growing Jobs as Well as Corn



Image result for iowa pictures By Shana Daley

Much of what you know about Iowa is true. It’s what you don’t know about Iowa that will put the Hawkeye State in contention for your business. Iowa is a right-to-work state. Its cost of living is below the national average, helping businesses be more profitable.

Innovators and entrepreneurs also plaster the Iowa landscape. More than 97 percent of the companies in Iowa are categorized as small- or mid-sized businesses. These businesses account for more than half the state’s private-sector workforce.

While often stereotyped as an “ag state,” in reality, Iowa has built upon its agronomic ecosystem to create a diverse business environment and robust, global economy. Eight core industry segments are more dominant than agriculture in terms of contributions to the state’s GDP, employment, or a combination of both, including: manufacturing, transportation, distribution, finance, insurance and real estate.

By creating the ideal environment, Iowa has transformed itself into a hub for a range of global growth industries. With innovation at the core of its growth strategy, Iowa has the necessary tools and incentives for companies of all sizes and all industries to succeed. Industry in Iowa has built a solid foundation in the financial services/information technology, biosciences and advanced manufacturing sectors.

They build quality in Iowa…lots of quality. In fact, IA’s $31.2 billion advanced manufacturing industry is the state’s largest single business sector. That’s right, America’s largest producer of corn, soybeans, pigs and eggs brings in three times more from manufacturing than farming.

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