#innovationIOWA Deere, UAW enter contract negotiations

Deere & Company and the UAW have started negotiations on a new master labor agreement to replace a contract expiring at midnight Sept. 30.
The current six-year master agreement covers approximately 10,000 manufacturing employees at 12 Deere facilities, the company stated in a press release.
In Iowa, the company’s locations include its Davenport Works, Des Moines Works, Dubuque Works, Ottumwa Works and Waterloo Works, as well as three others in Waterloo: its Tractor and Cab Assembly, Engine Works and Foundry. In Illinois, locations include its Harvester Works in East Moline, a Parts Distribution Center in Milan, and the Seeding Group and Cylinder Division in Moline. Kansas’s Coffeyville Works is also included.
Deere and the UAW will also negotiate a separate agreement that includes approximately 110 UAW employees at Deere facilities in Atlanta and Denver.
“This process of bargaining is not new to any of us, we have negotiated contracts at John Deere before,” UAW President Dennis Williams said in a press release. “Over the years, we have gone through many changes and sacrifices. In the last year, we have gone through some tough times. But we know from history that these times are cyclical. And we know from history that the key to a good contract is one in which UAW members prosper, John Deere prospers and customers prosper with our products.”

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